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What massage is right for me?

Swedish Massage is great if you like a light to medium touch all over. This is for relaxing and not really releasing tension in a significant way. It’s ideal for a pampering stress relieving experience.
Deep Tissue Massage is for you if you like very firm pressure throughout. It’s perfect for working out knots, improving mobility, and relieving pain.
Combination Massage is a customized blend of tension relieving Deep tissue where you need it and comforting Swedish where you don’t. This is my most popular style because it’s the best of both worlds!
Prenatal Massage is a gentle style for pregnant people who need some relief from the hard work of making a human. I provide pillows with just the right amount of fluff and support to make your sidelying session cozy and comfortable.

Why shouldn’t I get a massage when I’m sick?

Aside from preventing the spread of viruses and illnesses, Massage is never recommended during an active illness. Massage improves blood flow which is great when you’re healthy but terrible when you’re not well. Getting a massage while sick may sound like the comfort and relief you want but it can actually make you feel much worse. So please, if you’re experiencing any symptoms or have been recently exposed to anyone who is ill or testing positive for COVID-19, please wait until you are sure that you’re well and symptom free.

Why should I avoid Massage if I’m injured?

Massage when there is a potential injury can cause more pain and potentially compound the injury. Consult with your physician first and then if they give the clearance, schedule a session.

Do you provide massage for “lymphatic drainage”?

Yes and no. Lymphatic drainage is a technique meant to encourage the body’s natural flow of lymph fluid. Sometimes the removal of lymph nodes or other conditions can cause lymph fluid to be retained in the limbs. Lymph drainage is a feather light touch that helps reduce some of that swelling and subsequent discomfort. Lymphatic drainage is NOT meant to help drain lymph fluid OUT of the body after surgical procedures like liposuction. That is something out of my scope of practice and would be unethical and unsanitary for me to perform.

Do you work only work on women?

For the most part, yes. Unfortunately in my experience, most CisHet Men who want to book with me want services that I do not offer. I don’t mind working on any gender so long as there is respect for me as a professional and a human. I will not tolerate any kind of inappropriate conversation, requests, or touching, etc, whether subtle or overt in sexual nature. Any harassment will result in an immediate termination of your session subject to a cancellation fee equal to your session’s rate and notification/report to law enforcement as needed.

Can you come to my home? Are you available for Chair Massage at the office?

I no longer offer any services at home. I do offer Chair Massage in appropriate office settings on Mondays. Please call or email me for more information.

Should I get an adjustment before or after a massage?

A Chiropractic adjustment and Massage Therapy can go together like Peanut Butter and Jelly! My recommendation is to get a Massage before your adjustment to loosen up your muscles for a more effective and longer lasting adjustment.

How long after birth can I receive massage?

Assuming there are no extenuating circumstances or special considerations Massage can be given 4 weeks after vaginal birth or 6 weeks after Cesarean surgery. A doctor’s note clearing you for Massage will be required, no exceptions.