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I’m Priscilla Davis, Owner and Massage Therapist at A Mother’s Touch Massage Therapy. As a woman, I know how much is on our shoulders everyday. As a wife and mother, I know how caring for your family can deplete your energy and time for yourself.

Believe it or not, I learned the power of Massage Therapy for myself as a Massage Therapy student! Coming from a low-income, Latine household, Massage was not something I ever thought would be accessible to me. It never crossed my mind that I would get a Massage at all, forget as a regular part of my self care. In our culture, we’re taught that all our resources go to our loved ones. While that mindset is noble, I know first hand what that mentality can do to a woman and her children. 

My passion for Massage was born from the realization that my body was a vehicle and self-care was fuel and I was running on fumes! I sincerely believe that Massage Therapy changed my life for the better in more ways than one. It helped me heal physically and spiritually. I became more connected to my body and learning to listen to what it needed. The most impactful benefit, IMHO, was that I could serve from an overflowing cup. I had more energy to give freely, making me a better mom, wife, and friend. 
Who knew an hour of bliss could do so much? It’s been 13 years since I learned that lesson, and I’m still spreading the knowledge with every session. What can Massage Therapy do for you? Book your session today and find out!